FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who can attend USDD (Academy)?

Children’s from age 6 to adult

(We sometimes do exceptions for 5 years old depending on their coping skills and abilities, feel free to book a trial)

Who can attend USDDYC (Youth Company)?

The youth company is mostly for young people age 13 to 18 years old, however if you have a child under 13 who has good coping skills and could have strong potential, do not hesitate to let us know.

How will the class level be decided?

All beginners will start at Rookie level.
Every student wishing to become an Idol will be auditioned. Our experienced teachers will make the decision after monitoring and assessing student progress.

Are students passing dance levels?

Yes, especially for children and young people classes. All our students can pass from Rookie to Star levels (see levels at the end of this page).

Can I leave my child and return at the end of the class?

Yes. In addition to the teachers on site, there is always a receptionist present and the teacher will always have the emergency contact numbers for every member of the school.

Do the students receive breaks throughout the classes?

We allocate 5-10 minute breaks throughout the session allowing time to breath and get water to our students.

Are there any snacks or drinks served at the Academy?

No. All students must bring their own water or snacks

What should students wear?

Anything that is comfortable. Streetwear/dancewear/ sportswear

Is there any merchandise/uniform to buy?

Upside Down Dance provides our own Academy uniform. Students who do not have comfortable clothes to dance are strongly advised to get our uniform but it is not compulsory.
You can view and buy our uniform here: link

Are the fees payable in advance?

Yes. All payments must be booked online Via PayPal, by Card, bank transfer or cash in all our locations. 

Can I pay online?

Yes. On our website or you can pay by BACs to the details below:
Upside Down Dance Academy Ltd, Santander, sort 09-01-28 , A/C 89241793

How many students are in each class and is there a limit?

Each class vary from 20 students to 30 students per class depending on the location and can often be the limit. When a class is full,  you will no longer be able to pay on the website for this particular class and we will add a notice next to the class page/location.

Are the teachers members of Upside Down Dance Academy?

Most of the teachers at USDD are our official teachers, they have extensive and professional experience performing, teaching or battling. Our Masterclass teachers/choreographers are renowned worldwide which makes USDD unique in the UK.

Do the same teachers teach each week?

For the Under 13’s class and beginners class we have the same teacher each week to establish a strong foundation and consistency in our practice.
For the rest of the levels, teachers rotate each week so students are given a chance to learn a wide range of styles.
All teachers are DBS/CRB checked and have years of experience teaching and in the dance/arts industry.

Are the classes just Hip Hop/Afrobeat mix or is there any other dance styles ?

Our Hip Hop and Afrobeat class are our primary classes. However we also offer on demand/upcoming classes : Popping, Locking, Turfing, Krump, Stepping, House, Breakdance (Bboying), Free running (parkour), Waacking, Voguing, Capoeira, Jazz rock, Tap dancing, African dances, Dance Hall, Kuduro, Experimental, Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Physical theatre, Social dances and dance therapy. Part of our classes also involves Family dance and Work It Out!!! ( Cardio Dance Fitness )

Does the academy work toward performances?

Yes. We will have two annual show, one before the summer holidays and a Christmas show that the whole academy will take part in. (2018)

What other opportunities are there at the Academy?

We are in partnership with some casting directors and choreographers visiting us, which will give the opportunity to some of our students to have the chance to take part in different music videos, commercials and theatre productions etc.
Students involved in company groups will also get the opportunity to be involve in various visual dance projects.
Young people age 13 to 18 years old can also apply to get the opportunity to audition for Upside Down Dance Youth Company.

Does Upside Down Dance Academy hold any holiday/summer workshops?

Yes. We will start Summer workshop and dance camp in 2018. For further info please contact info@usddacademy.co.uk .


What is a Rookie?

A Rookie is a student who just started learning dancing, learning foundation, techniques, dance terminology and vocabulary. Develop copying skills, confidence,while developing his/her creativity, musicality and body control.

A Rookie is starting developing an understanding on how to freestyle using one or more dance styles, how to follow routines while learning discipline, dance foundations and techniques. Depending on the age, abilities and attendance most Rookies stay in this level from 1 year to 2 years.

What is an Idol?

An Idol is a student who has excellent understanding of the foundations, dance steps history, dance terminology and vocabulary of at less one or two dance style and has a good control of his/her body and technique. He or she, possess good coping skills, musicality and work toward the improvement of his/her performing skills while pursuing the development of specific skills and technique as well as his/her own dance identity to become a STAR.

What is a Star?

A Star is a student who have mastered one or two dance style culture and philosophy and who knows how to perform any of those style using his/her own personality, the student is also able to follow and memorise complex choreographies. The student can create his/her own unique steps and apply them into freestyle or choreographies. The student also knows how to stretch properly and take the lead in a group. He or She has developed all the necessary skills to compete in dance battle, choreograph, teach or perform.

What is a World Star?

A World Star is a student who has put in practice his/her learning to teach, choreograph or perform and access dance jobs, dance event and opportunities. Most World Star have already won dance competition, talent show or are already involve in dance jobs as freelancers or dance artists. They come to train and push themselves to their limits and mainly to get inspiration from our teachers, pioneers and world renowned dance artists.

How long does it takes to become a Star?

Each students have different learning skills and abilities, generally it takes 3 years for a student to reach this point but in some cases throughout our teaching experience, we have observed students reach the Star level within 6 month. Those individuals showed real commitment and were practicing every day, even at home to reach their goals! All the time present and ahead of the class!

How long does it takes to become a World Star?

It takes hard work, patience, confidence and commitment, it could be anytime between 6 month to 3 years to achieve this depending on the student efforts and determination. Don’t be afraid to fail and you will succeed! Be perseverant!

How do you pass dance levels?