Upside Down Dance Academy

is an international and intergenerational dance training centre founded and created by Lexi Maize which help those with no or poor experience to learn how to dance and also how to reach their personal goals.

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Our work is focused on the benefit of people in the community from children to adults especially in south London, Medway and Kent. We aim to engage families to participate with their childrens and encourage people from all ages wishing to pursue a career in dance, particularly Hip Hop.

We offer a street and dancewear artwork clothing brand which are aimed at dancers, fans of dance, hip hop, comics or arts. We offer high quality dance events for the pleasure of the existing dance community but also to attract and inspire an all new audience.

Many young people find themselves wasting their time and lives in the streets when they could have a hidden talent or a passion for dance which they wish to develop.

Does this sound like you or a young person you know?
Young and talented people often don’t have the opportunities to follow their dreams, have fun and unleash their full potential.
What if dancing could be the solution to every obstacle you face?
What if you could learn and live from your passion? What if street dance could change your life?

Throughout the years, in many countries around the world, the involvement in street dances in particular Hip Hop dance as contributed to saving and changing many lives.

Upside Down Dance team is determined to help each students to release their full potential through dance and performing art projects, helping people to develop a passion for life and to make a positive change while improving peoples lives for the better.