Since the past 2 years, Afrobeat dance classes have never been so popular. New Study by USDDAcademy

Just in London, over 1000 people are attending Afrobeat dance classes every week and the number of attendees keep on growing!

New Afrobeat dance classes are emerging every months, according to Usddacademy this month only, on top of their first two classes in Elephant and Castle and Canada Water, they have successfully opened two new classes in Waterloo and Gillingham (Kent).

Feedbacks from Usddacademy’s Afrobeat class attendees suggests that their classes have been full for more than 12 months, people attending their classes are meeting new people every week and are booking classes most times up to 48 hours before each class.

After a long day at work, customers from across London and Kent are making the journey to join the fun at one of their locations.

As stated by Usddacademy, 1 out of 10 of their customers who have preciously attended their Afrobeat beginner classes are now attending advanced classes or have become Afrobeat dance teachers themselves as a result.

People going to those Afrobeat dance classes will learn a variety of dance styles from:

  • Coupé-Décalé,
  • Azonto,
  • Ndombolo,
  • Makossa or
  • Kuduro to name a few.

Usddacademy research shows that Commercial Afrobeat is seen as the new current trend in London and nearby areas. This style is taught to the latest commercial Afrobeat dance songs backed up with their popularity and influence on social media.

The strong presence of Afrobeat dances on Tv and social media has now become a big factor in inspiring and encouraging people to take part in Afrobeat dance classes by having fun, getting fit, socialising and learning new movements/steps which they have previously seen on those platforms Usddacademy report.

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Upside Down Dance Academy (USDDAcademy)


Upside Down Dance Academy is an international dance training centre for all ages and levels specialised in street and cultural dance styles.

The academy offers Hip Hop, Afrobeat, street dance fitness and Latin & Caribbean dances  across London and Kent.

They have a unique streetwear & dancewear brand and are organising amazing dance event & concepts.

They teach, train, inspire, promote and care about all street dance aspects and their student’s success.