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Upside Down Dance Academy


Upside Down Dance Academy is proud to present our professional short and intensive dance training which will train participants to dance to music while developing their musicality, creativity and their own dance identity. This training will also help improve confidence, memory as well as body and spatial awareness.  

The training offer a set of practical exercises and methods given by our experienced teachers which aim to create a physical understanding around dance, movements, steps, attitudes, emotions, themes and concepts on time with the music.

Participants will learn how to express themselves and communicate stories or feelings through movement. They will also learn how to create routines in a short period of time, learn how to freestyle and let go.

What do students gain from this course?

At the end of the course every student will be able to freestyle to any music with their own dance style in a solo or in front of people. They will also be able to express themselves using diverse techniques and methods. Each students will be able to follow and create routines on time to any beat.

Students will be able to attend general dance classes or choose to pursue a more intensive training such as our Professional Street Dance training

To join our 6 Month or Less Dance training every participant will need to sign up via our website, each participants will then receive further details about the course. After all the details of each participants are registered in our database, a participant profile will be created. This training is OPEN TO ALL! No audition required! Just Sign up!

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