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-Upside Down Dance Academy

Upside Down Dance Academy is proud to present our Professional Street Dance Training which involve multiple dance styles focusing on Hip Hop and Funk styles dances for 3 years.

The training offer practical knowledge on various dance techniques as well as the dance vocabulary and terminology for each foundations and a deep understanding of the history, theory, philosophy and influences of each dance styles.

Our aim is to contribute to develop the UK dance scene by creating and developing new knowledgeable and experienced dancers/artists, teachers and choreographers. We believe this will allow aspiring and emerging dancers young to adult in the UK to reconnect with the real Hip Hop & street dance culture properly while unleashing new talents and enhancing new career paths nationally or internationally.

Our intensive training will give the opportunity to participants to meet the pioneers as well as the most notorious dancers and choreographers worldwide in the Hip Hop dance scene. It will also allow participants to unleash their full potential while sharing their language and culture with others.

Upside Down Dance Academy teamĀ is composed of people from across the globe, from England to Italy, Japan to America, France to china, Spain to Russia, even China. Hence, we all can speak two language or more which allow us to engage and communicate with people all over the world.

What do students gain from this course?

At the end of the third year, participants will be able to obtain our street dance diploma which will certify their dance level and knowledge acquired during the 3 years. The assessment will be made under the form of a practical and theoretical test given and created by the pioneer and teachers themselves.

As a result, certified students will have the opportunity to pursue their chosen careers, they will be able to freestyle, teach or choreograph using what they have learned throughout the 3 year course.

Students will also assist pioneer master classes for another year to refresh their knowledge and to become better practitioners. They will also be invited to assist and perform in related dance events and take part in various panel discussions.

Finally, they will share their own experiences with new Year 1 students to prepare them and give them an overview of the course. Each students will also have a visual portfolio of videos showcasing dance solo and performances from Year 1 to Year 3.

To join our Professional Street Dance training every participant will need to apply via our website or via email, the participant will then receive a registration form with all the details to complete and return. After all the details of the participant are accessed, a participant profile will be created and the participant will be invited to audition.
This procedure will help us determine the dance level of each participant, between Year 1 (Rookie), Year 2 (Idol) and 3 (Star). Visit our FAQ page for more informations.

This course will open in 2018.