Lexi Maize from his real name Alexandre Maizeroi, is 30 year old. He is a freestyle Hip Hop/Funkstyles/Afro and Caribbean dancer and dance coach originally from Paris started Hip Hop dance in 1999. He is currently residing in Medway, Kent whose style of movement is spontaneous and innovative yet true to the spirit of its conception and original creativity.

Throughout his years in Paris, Lexi has had the opportunity to train and develop his dance skills with some of the most worldwide renowned French dancers today.
He has had the opportunity to perform in Paris, Italy, London and Leeds at various events. Most of his time is spent teaching dance and his talents even stretch to acting in movies such as “StreetDance 3D II”.

Lexi has developed his own dance training centre called Upside Down Dance Academy and is delivering his own dance classes and street dance battles events across London, looking to expand in the UK, Europe and internationally in the future.

Lexi was greatly inspired to start dancing by watching the late Michael Jackson, the Electronic Boogaloos and Elite force crew of the seventies and eighties who pioneered and contributed to Hip Hop/Funkstyles dancing.

Since he was a young boy Lexi has always felt a strong connection to the movements in his body, so, naturally he evolved organically into being a professional dance artist.

Lexi Maize’s has found his purpose performing on street and stage for different projects and companies, he continues to develop and diversify his many styles of dance disciplines ( Popping, Hip Hop, Locking, House, Dancehall, Kuduro, Cuban salsa, African dance and Afrobeats ) and will be opening street dance classes and workshops near you soon!

To book this dancer, please contact:

Contact : info@usddcademy.co.uk or call 07513192618