Battle Juice
Bring the heat!
It’s going to be juicy!

The concept
1vs1 all style dances:
Top 16 dancers will be selected in the prelims.
Each participant have to freestyle in a dance style of their choice to live music played from musicians (drummers, violinist, pianist, guitarist), they will also have the possibility to choose between two beatboxers.
The battle explore a variety of musical genre that can be dance on and will be unknown from dancers. Every dancers will have to show off their creativity, originality, personality, talent and musicality.
The winner will be Battle Juice all dance styles champion!

Top 10 dancers will be selected in the prelims.
Solos are a great opportunity to show authenticity, control and what makes dancers/artists different and unique.
Every dancers selected will have up to 2 minutes to listen to the song before performing on it.
Each dancers can perform for up to 2 minutes.
The winner will be Battle Juice Solos champion!

Duration of the event: One day, Sunday
From: 12pm to 10.30pm
Dancers arrive at 12 Midday
Preselection start at 2pm Sharpe
Doors open to public at 1pm
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