OTSS Battle meaning: Only The Strong Survive


Concept of the event:

It is 3 dance competition into 1!

Each participant will have to bring one song of their choice at the beginning of the event with the hope that they will be able to use it in the end.


The first part of the events is based on pre-selection from dancers. This will allow the judges to decide who are the most talented to compete.

The second part of the event is based on Call Out meaning the dancers that the public is expecting to see competing will compete or personal dance challenge between talented dancers will be arranged.

Each dancers are allowed to dance when they please (with a possible help from presenter to begin), each round will be timed using an hourglass (2.30 min each round max), 1 round each per battle to begin then 2 rounds for semi-final. Finals 3 rounds (6.90 min max total 3 rounds)

Judges performances 1.30 max

Group performances 2.30 max

The third part of the event starts once the Call Out winners in each dance styles are known. Dancers preselected at the beginning of the event will have to compete in their relevant styles with each other until the semi-Final. At the semi-final, all dancers will start to compete against Call Out winners on unknown new beats until one clear winner survive in each dance style. Each winner will win an OTSS necklace that identify their dance style which they will have to wear for the last battle.

The last battle of the event, is to decide who the best dancer all styles is. This involve all the winners from each different style to compete against each other in two round. In the first round, both dancers have to dance on the song of their challenger, the second round they will have to perform on their own music. As a result, the judges and the public will vote who will become The Greatest Allstyle dancer!

The voice of the public will be considered as one judge!