Upside down dance showcase

To win:
-Cash price
-Professional dance video from top filmmakers and designers
Streetwear and dancewear.

The concept:
The best dancers from around the world are challenged to perform in a unique venue which allow them to showcase their talent and creativity.
Dancers from other countries must submit a link to their dance videos 2 month prior the dance showcase start in order to be selected.

There is three categories:
Under 18
Crews (3 and over)

Round 1
Dancers selected will have to perform on a song of their choice to show off their skills.

Round 2
Dancers going through the second round will have to perform on a specific song using stage props and visual arts and will be given a theme and story to communicate within their respective categories or by collaborating with others.

Round 3
Finalists will have to create their own piece on a song of their choice using stage props and visual arts to communicate a given message or theme.

Duration of the event: two day event,
Saturday UK prelims
Sunday battle and finals
From: 12pm to 10.30pm
Dancers arrive at 12 Midday
Preselection start at 2pm Sharpe
Doors open to public at 1pm

To register to compete at Upside Down Dance Battle please go to:

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