Looking something new, fun and entertaining for you and your colleagues?
Upside Down Dance Academy are street dance classes specialist from Hip Hop to Afrobeat even stretching to dance fitness with our Work It OuT!!! program.

Dancing is a great way to break the ice between work colleagues, and clients if you decide to get them involved. It is the perfect way to socialise and have fun dancing on the latest trendy songs.

Our most popular dance workshops are from 45min to 1h30 min long and are based on a chosen dance style, program or to learn a routine to a particular song.
Our classes are open to all, no previous dance experience required.


Wherever you are, we come.

Upside Down Dance Academy can offer a space for your organisation or we can come to you. Just tell us what your needs or goals are and we will deliver.
For best practice and to enjoy the dance workshop even more, we recommend venues with wood floor or sprung floor.

List of ideal places:

  • Hotel
  • Conference Centre
  • Dance Studio
  • Company Offices
  • Gym Fitness Studio
  • Outside (flat grassed or paved areas)*
  • Community Hall

important: not all spaces listed above are suitable for all dance styles. If you have a dance workshop idea or wish to find out more about the dance styles that we are offering, do not hesitate to contact us. We can create a dance class or workshop based on your needs.

Contact: or call 07513192618

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