Upside Down Dance Academy is available to state schools, primary, SEN and secondary schools in South London and parts of Kent. Each School pay a one-off fee to join the programme for the academic year (30 weeks) and receive weekly classes from professional dance artists.

Classes are available in a number of street dance styles including Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, House, Krump, Breakdance, Afrobeats (Azonto,Coupe decale, Ndombolo etc), African, Dancehall, Kuduro, Capoeira, Stepping, Physical theatre and a range of other street styles.

Upside Down Dance Academy intend to work closely with schools in Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham and Medway boroughs, providing specific projects to meet the needs of the school and enhance learning across the curriculum at all Key Stages.

All our dance artists are highly experienced professionals DBS checked with their own liability insurance, each artists are familiar with Every Child matters framework of outcomes and are safeguarding and first aid trained. Most of our dance practitioners have years of experience teaching for primary, secondary schools, PRU (Pupil Referral Units) including colleges and universities.

We support schools to deliver dance in the National curriculum, improving the quality of PE, raising achievement and encouraging more pupils to take part in physical activity.

We use a range of teaching and learning strategies to meet every pupils learning needs and enable them to unleash their full potential.

We conduct risk assessment before each session to make sure the space is safe and to deliver enjoyable dance practice.

Dance is a popular and highly effective way of getting children active and offers a unique medium for creative expression and confidence building.

Schools have been using their PE and Sport Premium funding to support dance activity in different ways.

Taught by specialist dance teachers from Upside Down Dance Academy. Our program will help to fulfil the requirements for the PE and Sports premium funding. Our program will support schools aims for all pupils to be physically active, develop character, leadership, reflex, physical abilities and empower them to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Our work also stretch to work with GCSE dance students to create choreographies involving multiple street dance styles and techniques.

After schools street dance classes

Upside Down Dance Academy provide after school club in professional dance venues as well as in several primary schools across Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham boroughs in London and Medway borough in Kent to provide after school dance clubs in a variety of different dance styles focusing on street dance in particular Hip hop and various other cultural street dance styles.

Special needs schools

Upside Down Dance Academy offers SEN schools opportunities to participate in dance projects helping to improve health & fitness and to help reduce learning difficulties while contributing in developing life skills and social skills through exceptional dance experience.

Dance showcase

Upside Down Dance Academy hosts two dance showcases each year for primary and secondary schools as well as children and young people involve in our program, offering them the chance to perform their work and showcase their talent in a professional dance venue in front of their families and friends.

Dance Training for PE teachers

Upside Down Dance Academy can provide street dance training to primary, SEN and secondary schools to develop teachers knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver cross curricular street dance sessions and dance as part of the national curriculum.

IMPORTANT: To find out more about our program and how we could work with your school, including details and costs,please contact:
Lexi Maize via email: via the academy mobile 07513192618.