First medals in break dancing gained at the Youth Olympics Games in Bueno Aires (2018)

Breakdancing has finally arrived to the Olympics!

For the first time ever, it’s been recognised as a sport at this years Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires in Argentina.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) executive board agreed to  add dance sport to the Youth Olympics Games (YOG).

Here is the concept : Twelve male and 12 female dancers, ages 16-18, will compete over two days. The breakdancing competition will be broken down into three events : men’s, women’s and mixed-team.

The battle format consist in a one-on-one competition alternating
athlete performances that are judged and scored.
A knock-out progression will determine the winner.

The aim of the YOG is to connects genders through common activities,  which allows young people to recognise trendy means of expression, while
assisting them to feel closer to sport organisations.

They are using breakdancing as a the perfect vehicle that will
re-attracts, engage and unify young people to Olympic values and events.

The IOC’s decision is a clear sign that breakdancing and  the hip-hop culture keeps growing worldwide.

Breakdancing originated in the 1970s among Latino, Caribbean  and African-American inner-city youth in New York City. It grew as rap and hip-hop music became more popular. In fact, breakdancing is considered one of the four pillars of hip-hop culture, along with Mcing, DJing and graffiti.
Breakdancing has since spread around the world and is now used as a hobby in many countries around the world and adopted has a community and lifestyle for some.

The ‘b’ in b-boy/b-girl comes from breakboy/breakgirl, as the dancer got down to the breaks provided by the DJ.

B-boys and b-girls around the world competed during the first day of competitions at the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games.

A huge crowd of Argentinians watched as break dancers competed one on one trying to defeat the other with their dance moves.

Each round is judged by creativity, personality, technique, variety, performativity and musicality, the rules state.

After the single competition a boy and girl will be teamed up according to their final ranking for a mixed team competition.

Two experts in this field were judging the event :

Kevin Gopie, also known as Renegade, and Niels Robitzky, also known as Storm,  which were innovators in the European breaking scene in the 1980s.

In the boys category, Sergei “Bumblebee” Chernyshev from Russia won gold for his cool moves.

And for the girls, Ramu Kawai from Japan danced her way to victory.

Watch them exchange their dance skills here :

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