Online dance classes for kids, teens, and adults using Zoom


Do you have a mobile phone, a laptop or tablet with a camera?

Still want to take group classes but don’t know how to?

Simply register on the Zoom App following this link

Simply pay using our Mindbody platform or via BACS (contact us via email or WhatsApp for details)


Learn new skills & participate in face-to-face learning from the comfort of your own home!


As we must all collectively work together to stop the spread of COVID19, and a large part of that means staying apart. Over the coming weeks, as we isolate at home, schools and many social places are closed, and our natural social network is curtailed, we want to help alleviate boredom and loneliness through our natural curiosity for learning, our desire to stay fit and active while having fun. Amongst our teachers, a few of us are also mothers and some of us are fathers, we are aware personally and professionally on how these times are affecting us physically, emotionally, and financially.

Our team has been working around the clock since the beginning of this crisis to launch an integrated virtual learning service, and we are pleased to say that it has been up and running for the past couple of weeks.

You can access these using video meeting with your dance teachers using Zoom.

Each session will last 1 hour and can be accessed on phones, tablets or computers.


How to access sessions :

All students must download Zoom on their computer or mobile device and create a free account to join our online dance lessons.

You can either select the online session you wish to attend by booking the session on our Mindbody platform. Once you have selected and paid for your class, we will send you the invite via email or WhatsApp to join the class with the meeting password.

If the class starts at 7 pm you must book 1-hour minimum before maximum to be able to join the class. Allow yourself 10-15 min to understand how the software works before the class starts.

Once the class starts you must turn your audio on mute to avoid background noises and to allow the teacher to run the class smoothly without interruption.  If you need to know something use the WhatsApp group chat before or after the class or the chat on the Zoom app.


To download Zoom, click here or get it from the Play Store or app store on your device or desktop. You can also select the option to use the web version instead (Getting Started on Windows and Mac Here).

Once you have signed up and agreed on the terms and conditions, you can then join our classes at the advertised times. We will have six dance teachers to lead each class. They will aim to be on the app 10-15 minutes before each class starts.

Note: Links will only work at the times advertised

As classes will have various participants, we will mute people’s microphones so people can still hear the teacher explaining different movements and for you to be able to hear the music. You can still ask questions and talk using the chat facility, the teacher will reply to you as soon as she/he can. You can also ask your questions directly in our WhatsApp group chats to get the answer you are looking for.  Please ensure that your audio is muted before the class starts.

Once the class finishes feel free to leave an online review/rating on our Teachers page (simply click on your teacher’s picture to access his/her page).


If you have any trouble accessing or have any questions about our online dance classes just email or WhatsApp 07513192618, alternatively, Zoom has a very handy support centre which you can access > Here.

So how does it work:


Helpful links:

Starting the Zoom Desktop Client

Getting Started with Android

Getting Started with iOS

Please Wait for the Host to Start this Meeting / Webinar


Adult online dance classes prices :

£7 – Single class 

£12 – 2 classes per week 

£16 – 3 classes per week


Kids and teens (1 child) online dance classes prices:

£5  – single class per student

£8 – 2 class a week per student

£12 – 3 classes a week per student


Parents/Carers/ guardians with 2 – 3 children (pricing options):

£9  – single class per week

£14 – 2 classes per week

£18 – 3 classes per week


Note: We do not run monthly prices or block sessions at this period as we are unsure at this time when the current situation will finish. We are hoping to carry on with online dance classes after the Coronavirus period to give extra homework/practice as well as private dance classes to all our students and to make it convenient for students working abroad or to provide classes in areas of the UK where there is a need.

Adults who still have remaining sessions on their blocks must contact us to get the link to assist at one of our online classes. 

Parents/Carers/Guardians can also carry on paying for their current monthly fee via BACs as usual which will allow their children to access from 2 to 3 classes per week or more as well as accessing our weekly dance challenges. If interested, please email   or Whatsapp 07513192618 for more information.



Our weekly challenges are open to all, there is no age to become a dancer!

Learn various dance challenges choreographed by Lexi or Bjhy using street dance styles, commercial or Afrobeat!

We reserve the right to organise surprise challenges with new choreographers! 🙂

Step 1: Learn the choreography

Step 2: Film & Post your video to Instagram or TikTok

Step 3: Use #usddacademy, tag @usddacademy or @leximaize

We will repost the best videos to our @usddacademy Instagram page

We will repost the winner video of each challenge on our @usddtv channel (On Instagram, Facebook & YouTube).

To enter and choose one of our Weekly dance challenges, every participant must sign up for free online or let us know on WhatsApp or social media pages.

Note: Our weekly dance challenges are only accessible to students who are currently attending our online dance lessons. New students must attend our online dance classes first.

Kids and teens taking part in our current online classes can access one dance challenge per week for free by asking us the link (We will send the link on our classes WhatsApp group chats).

Note: The challenge will be decided by us. Parents/Carers/Guardians must supervise and assist children and young people under 18 to ensure that step 1 to 3 are achieved and to avoid disappointment.


No Train, No Gain! Build your confidence!

Have Fun!